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Gaaays in Spaaace

Proudly partnered with the esteemed non-profit organization Gaaays in Spaaace (GIS), I serve as a graphics specialist and event curator for their renowned annual convention, The GALACTIC DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION CONVENTION. As a member of the advisory board, I bring my expertise to the forefront, ensuring each event is a celebration of inclusivity and innovation. This year, I am honored to speak on a panel, advocating for diversity and the vital importance of fluidity in our universe. Join us as we boldly explore new horizons of acceptance and understanding together!


Dulce Candles

Thrilled to announce my partnership with DULCE Candles, where I'll be collaborating closely to elevate and evolve their brand presence. Together, we're forging pathways towards future partnerships and collaborations with esteemed companies to craft custom candles. With a commitment to health and ethically sourced ingredients, the possibilities are boundless in this exciting journey!



Conor Heights x Shelby Cobra

Thrilled to collaborate closely with Shelby Cobra, the visionary founder and owner of Vicious Styles and Cobra Couture! Our partnership extends beyond mere projects; it's a creative bond built on mutual respect and admiration. From dynamic photoshoots to captivating fashion shows, together we push boundaries and redefine artistic expression. Grateful for the opportunity to work alongside not just a dear friend, but an inspiring artist whose vision resonates deeply with my own.

Photographer & Editor: Conor Heights
Clothing made by: Shelby Cobra

Models: Reese x Slink

Conor Heights x Sean Mclaughlin

Photographer: Sean Mclaughlin
Model: Conor Heights

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